Joe Raymond Vega
Joe Raymond Vega
Joe Raymond Vega
Joe Raymond Vega
Joe Raymond Vega

Lipstick on Linux, 2013.

Sometimes were view those in pornography as victims and are quick to judge. But let’s not forget to ask ourselves, Why are these images so accessible? Who is viewing them? And why are these images so provocative? How does our culture and notions of sexuality, gender roles, and taboo influence how we interpret these models, their actions, and the reactions they produce?

When drawing these models, I made sure to blur their faces, not because I intended to protect their identity, but because i want to direct your attention to their bodies, and more specifically, their genitals. How does that make you feel to see these parts? Do you feel disgusted? or Do you like what you see? Whatever is it that you may feel, do not feel ashamed because my models sure don’t. It is desire that you feel something – anything.

1. Transgender
2. Man
3. Woman
4. Transgender, II
5. Woman, II
6. Man, II
7. Woman, III
8. Androgynous
9. Androgynous, II
10. Androgynous, III