Untitled 01 Cinimagraph, Dancer: Stephan Gaeth
Untitled 02 Cinimagraph, Dancer: Alyssa Garza
Untitled 03 Cinimagraph, Dancer: Fabiola Torralba
Untitled 04 Cinimagraph, Dancer: Breezy Raynae

Ka (kꜣ)

KA – The Essential Spark

A multimedia event that features an original score, contemporary dance, photography, and film. In KA – The Essential Spark, observers will be invoked by an audio atmospheric experience that explores Dark and Light, feeling grounded, exploring realms of other dimensions, feelings of “being lost”, and reaching the end of a spiritual journey with a sense of satisfaction and empowerment.

Artist Joe Raymond Vega created the atmosphere for KA – The Essential Spark by beginning with audio and then set-out to pair it with photography and video. This created an opportunity to work with and showcase the artistic abilities of dancers Stephan Gaeth, Alyssa Garza, Fabiola Torralba, and Breezy Raynae.

KA – The Essential Spark is a reflection of spirituality, the Soul, the Anima and Animus, outer-body experiences, astral projection, dreams, meditative states, Closeness to Nature, and philosophies relating to the Opposite of Light.

Words to describe project: Dream, Natural, Birth, Dark, Time, Modern, Personal, Repressed, Relaxed, In tune, Aware, Death, Unpredictable, Womb, Gritty, Beautiful, Sleep but Awake, Meditation, Minimal, Pink Noise.