– Mixed-Media ArtistJoe Raymond Vega

Joe Raymond Vega, San Antonio, Texas, Mexican-American, Mixed-Media Artist, sound, video, printmaking, painting, sculptor, sculpture, charcoal, drawing, mixed-media, photography, canon, minolta, bronica, holga, 110 film, 120 film, 35mm, 16mm, super 8mm, double exposure, graphic designer, freelance, experienced, clean, logo, vector, raster, adobe, photoshop, illustrator, indesign, quark, flash, dreamweaver, vue rite, spot process, fast films, music, musician, XRY, the echidnas, the chess club, reader, scholars and thieves, guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, synth, synthesizer, disco, electronic, dance, rock, loud, expressive, exploration, imaginative, social, aquarius, determine, trust worthy, loyal, visual, articulate, conceptual, competitive, connoisseur, knowledge.